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Geromove is Downtown Milwaukee's go-to physical therapy destination

A Medical Statistic You CANNOT Afford to Ignore

According to the Center for Disease Control, "Falls are leading cause of injury and death in older Americans."
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If you're over 65...

  1. One in Four Americans fall each year.

  2. Every 11 seconds, an older adult is being treated in the Emergency Department due to a fall.

  3. Every 19 minutes, an older adult will succumb to fall injuries.

  4. Falls account for 15% of accidental deaths.

It's easy to say, "That's not me!"

To help you gauge where you are at risk for injury and/or future falls — we've made available this free downloadable self-assessment clinical checklist.


You can access it by signing up via the form below, or, by clicking the button to access our online version.

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"After two hip replacements, which acted very differently, Nina has helped get my strength and mobility back, and improve my balance. I also had severe sciatica pain with the second hip. She is so knowledgeable and explains things so well that I have learned so much about different muscles, how they work, why certain exercises work. I feel I am so well equipped from working with her, that if I had future physical problems, I would know how to improve them from all the exercises she has taught me."

-Cathy B.

"Before I came to Geromove, I had back pain and difficulty getting around my home and the grocery store. I also had a couple falls over the last year and my balance was not very good. I can now get out of a low chair without even using my hands and it is easier to walk and carry groceries up flights of stairs to my apartment. I have much less of a fear of falling and am more confident in myself." 

-EJ B. 

"I slipped on ice and fell in the winter injuring my knee. Not only did Geromove help me rehabilitate my knee injury, but they also helped me improve my balance and strength to prevent another fall in the future. I am now pain-free, walking comfortably without knee pain, and am way stronger than before. I am so happy I was able to improve my balance with their guidance and help." 

-Shirley K.