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Geromove is Downtown Milwaukee's go-to physical therapy destination



In this e-book, we will show you the top 5 ways to eliminate your back pain for good so you can get back to doing the things you love. In just a couple pages, we will show you the secrets living pain free. 


We are a privately owned clinic which allows us the flexibility to deliver optimum, cutting-edge care as we see fit. We are here to see you succeed and conquer your pain. We understand that you are making a time commitment to better your health and will do everything we can to help you achieve your goals while in our care. If you have been in pain for years, or have just injured your back the other day, we are your resource and guide to help you on this journey to becoming pain-free.  

Did you just injure your back and you need to see a specialist immediately? 

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Can't bend forward or backward without pain. 

Unable to lift objects comfortably.

Have numbness or tingling down one or both legs. 

It is difficult to exercise. 

Have trouble getting through your work day or daily routine. 

Problems staying in one position for a long period of time. 

Want to become pain-free and stay pain-free. 

Want to return to functioning at your previous level (or even better!) 

Who can we help?



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Call us today to speak with a Doctor of Physical Therapy directly to start getting EVEN MORE advice on how you can heal your back from our EXPERTS. This is a FREE phone consultation to start giving you ACTIONABLE information that you can start doing NOW!


In this FREE phone consult we will talk about your specific symptoms, what movements or activities that are painful to do, and your goals to get back to doing what you love.

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This is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to get rid of your pain for good. You will work directly with a Doctor of Physical Therapy to determine the root cause of your pain, what activities you are currently limited from, and an actionable plan of care to reach your goals. 

You DO NOT need a doctor's order, referral, or script to see a Physical Therapist at our clinic. 

You DO NOT need to contact your insurance company, we will do that for you! 

If you do not have insurance, we have alternative options we can discuss further with you. 

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"Nina Geromel, PT is professional, knowledgeable and personable. She was of great assistance with my lower back problems. The facility is new and well maintained. A definite positive addition to downtown Milwaukee."

-Mike H. 


"I have appreciated working with the Geromove team in downtown Milwaukee. They are highly knowledge, professional, and their facilities are great. Dr. Nina Geromel knows her stuff. I had been to a Chiropractor, spine surgeon, and an orthopedic team to assess my low back issues and not ONE OF THESE PROFESSIONALS had a clue as to the underlying nature of my problem. One wanted to twist me apart (the Chiropractor), one wanted to perform surgery (the Spine surgeon), one wanted to inject me with cortisone (the moron orthopedic). My wife suggested PT and Nina assessed me, put me on a program to rebuild my strength, and informed me of the muscular deficiencies in my body that create my back issues due to the level of activity I maintain in my life….Wow a COMMON SENSE APPROACH…UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! She informed me of my major muscle groups and the ones that I needed to strengthen and we developed a 3 month programs to do just that. She provided me with pre and post workout stretching and warm up exorcises so I would avoid injury and a long term strategy to strengthen my deficient muscle groups.... Get over for a free consultation, screw the Chiropractor, Spine Surgeon, and Orthopedic guys!"


-Ron B.


"Since I’ve started PT, my health has been improving. The service has been wonderful and helpful. I have stopped taking my pain medication for over two weeks now. My back was very weak when I first came, and by participating in therapy my back has been really improving. I no longer wake up with pain and am able to take care of my home. I am proud of myself for improving my health."


-Pat D.


"PT has made me aware through exercise on how you can improve your pain without the use of medication. Geromove PT has a quiet and respectful atmosphere and is well organized. Both the front desk and the PT have a great way of helping you deal with stressful situations that has really helped me get through this time. It’s a warm and welcoming environment and non-judgmental."


-Patricia P.