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5 Steps to Prepare for your Knee Replacement Surgery

Do you have an upcoming knee replacement surgery scheduled? Preparing before your surgery takes place can ensure a smooth recovery and decrease post-operative stress. Read on to learn about 5 important steps to take.

1. Think wisely about your surgical date.

Your days proceeding surgery will be filled with therapy appointments and difficulty moving around as your knee heals. Plan your surgical date carefully around important events to avoid extra undue stress.

2. Keep moving!

Those who are stronger going into therapy have a much quicker and easier recovery than those who do not exercise in the weeks preceding surgery. Not sure which exercises will be helpful? Ask your Physical Therapist for a couple sessions of "pre-hab" to set up an exercise plan suitable for you and to get your body ready for surgery.

3. Get practicing.

Learning the common exercises you will be doing during your rehabilitation can be helpful to learn proper form and put your mind at ease. Your body will be able to use that "muscle memory!"

It is also advised to practice using any equipment you are planning to use before going into surgery. Get that walker or those crutches out and try using them. If you have questions on how to use a certain device, your Physical Therapist will be a great resource.

4. Get ready, get set...

Set up your home ahead of time to help you when you return after surgery. If you are planning on using a walker or crutches, get rid of extra throw rugs that may cause a trip and fall. Clear out pathways and hallways to allow for easy access. You may even consider installing a grab bar in the bathroom and shower for safety.

Re-arrange your most-used items so that they are within easy reach, such as dishware, clothing, and toiletries. Enlist the help of neighbors, friends, or family members in the days following surgery to help with at home tasks.

5. Choose a physical therapy clinic.

The success of your surgery not only depends upon the surgery itself, but the rehabilitation that comes in the days following surgery. Staying on track with your physical therapy appointments and home exercise program is crucial to make sure your knee heals, has good motion, and gains back strength.

Set up where and with who your rehabilitation will be with ahead of time. Most Physical Therapists recommend physical therapy 2-3 times per week when starting your rehabilitation program. Planning ahead of time will allow you to coordinate who will drive you to and from appointments and determine how much of your day you will be spending at the clinic.

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