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What is Direct Access Physical Therapy?

The healthcare system can be hard to navigate and confusing at times. We know the frustration of bouncing from provider to provider to get the tests, treatment, and prescriptions you need, which ends up leading to costly medical bills.

What if I told you there was a way to save time, money, and get better faster? Would you be interested? If you answered yes, then keep reading!

One way to solve this problem is through direct access. Since most of you reading this may not know what this is, we will be start with the basics. Direct access means that you can see your physical therapist without having to see your primary care physician first. In Wisconsin, you no longer need a referral for physical therapy. Most insurances will now allow you to see a physical therapist without a referral as well.

You may be asking, is this safe? Are physical therapists skilled enough to assess me and my injury? The answer is YES! Many physical therapists now have a Doctorate degree where they receive training and education on differential diagnosis and they are skilled to assess the injury and determine if you do, in fact, need to see your primary care physician or a specialist for extra testing.

Physical therapists are also the most skilled provider to perform a thorough assessment of musculoskeletal injuries. After all, that is what they specialize in!

So you now know that you can see a physical therapist right away after your injury. That saves you time as you don't need to schedule an appointment with a physician first to get that order for PT, which usually has a waiting period.

Now let's talk money. Skipping out on that first visit with your physician saves dollars. Seeing a physical therapist first and early on after your injury also saves money.

Where do the extra cost savings come from? Getting PT first and early decreases and avoids the use of:

- Lumbosacral injections

- Lumbar Surgery

- Opioids

- MRIs

- CT Scans

All of these things are much more expensive than physical therapy and are not necessary most of the time. Physical therapists are skilled to help you manage your pain and symptoms with hands-on treatment, specific exercise, and with the use of special techniques, such as dry needling.

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