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Geromove is Downtown Milwaukee's go-to physical therapy destination

  • Dr. Nina Geromel, PT, DPT, ATC

Healthcare is inconvenient, we help make it convenient.

Modern healthcare is, at times, more inconvenient than it is helpful. You may have felt this way if you have:

- Been told you need to jump through multiple hoops to see a specialist.

- Have had to take off work to attend an appointment, which didn't solve any problems in the long run.

- Had to drive across town to see a particular provider.

- Were confused by a medical bill in the mail, that was from a procedure done months ago.

- Had to spend minutes and hours of your time on hold with your insurance company.

- Been recommended a particular treatment but were not told the cost, risks, or why it was recommended.

- Had to wait in a waiting room past your allotted appointment time with nothing but fluorescent lights and out-dated magazines.

- Waited past your appointment time, only to spend 5 minutes with the provider.

At Geromove PT, we personally have experienced these issues ourselves and we have made it our mission to change how modern healthcare is experienced.

How do we do this?

Personal Communication

At Geromove, you will always talk to a live person and you have access to your provider via phone and email. When you are a patient with us, you become part of our team.

We provide the highest level of transparency when it comes to what you owe. All patients receive a complimentary review of their physical therapy benefits with education on what that means for you, and what you can expect to pay.

At the very first visit, you will be educated on your diagnosis, what you can expect out of your treatment, and why we are recommending certain types of treatment. This process continues throughout your care from start to finish.

Modern Convenience

You can walk to and from our clinic easily from anywhere in downtown Milwaukee or take the Hop which passes right in front of the clinic. Schedule early, over lunch, or after work Monday through Friday.

Don't have a doctor's order? Not a problem. We can see you directly without a doctors referral and once you are evaluated in our office, we will refer you to another practitioner if needed.

Running late? Just text us. Forgot your wallet? You can use apple pay.


Once you are here, enjoy one of our banana treats from Brazil and relax knowing that your appointment will start on time.

Our spacious treatment center and private room allows for options during your treatment session and privacy when you need it.

If what we offer sounds like something you want to experience for yourself, contact us here to schedule an appointment in downtown Milwaukee.