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Injury Risk from Ignoring Calf Pain

Dancers commonly deal with foot and ankle pain. It's something many have learned to "live with." However, there are some considerable risks depending on where and how that pain is presenting.

Here we explore three primary reasons and risks of ignoring calf pain — especially if you're also a dancer.


Prolonged calf pain can lead to achilles tendinitis overtime, which then requires a lot of rest to get rid of the pain. I know that dancers don’t have time to wait around to get better.


Dancing through tightness and pain and lead to microscopic tears in your muscle. Over time your tissue can break down and predispose you to a bigger tear and even a full on rupture of your achilles tendon.


Pain is a warning signal in your body. If you are having pain, there is a reason behind it. Your calf pain may even be caused by an issue in another area of your body! When you fix the reason behind the pain, get you get be in control.

If you have been suffering from calf pain long enough, click here to work directly with me to solve your problem, become pain free, and most importantly, get back to dancing.