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Is your desk set-up correctly?

If you sit or stand at a desk most of your work day, there is no doubt that you have probably experienced pain, stiffness, or just general aches at some point in your career. We all know how important movement is, but sometimes it just isn't possible when work needs to get done and deadlines need to be met.

Beyond general movement to keep the body feeling good during the work day, desk ergonomics can play an important role. Read below for a couple quick self-check recommendations to set up your work station for success.

1. Set up your chair height so that your elbows are bent at a 90-100 degree angle when reaching for your keyboard and mouse.

2. Based on the previous chair height, make sure your feet are on the floor. If not, use a stool or foot rest to bring the floor up to your feet.

3. Keep your computer monitor about an arms distance away when sitting comfortably in your chair.

4. Change positions often. Any ergonomics recommendations always include movement. Be sure to get up once every hour to stretch out, do an exercise, or walk.

Just know that there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach to ergonomics. If changing your positioning based on these recommendations doesn't feel good or better than before, consult a physical therapist for a tailored approach to set up your workstation.

Here at Geromove Physical Therapy, we provide free presentations for offices and one-on-one consults to set up the office for success. Contact us to set up a presentation or consult at your office in Milwaukee.

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