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Active vs. Passive Treatment

When patients coming to us looking for solutions to their aches and pains, they have sometimes already have tried a lot of other types of treatment. But not all treatment is equal. 


A lot of people come to us asking about modalities, or what we call “passive treatments” such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation pads, such as a TENS unit, heat, ice, and many others. You may be wondering the same thing, will these types of treatment help with my back, knee, shoulder pain, etc?


Long ago, physical therapy incorporated a lot of these types of treatments for pain. They can help you feel better in the moment while the heat or ice is applied, or while the TENs unit is on, but we now know from the latest research that these types of passive treatments aren’t effective in the long run when they are performed by themselves. 


You may feel a bit better or even a whole lot better immediately after using passive treatments, but the symptoms creep back in because the root cause of your pain is not getting addressed. This also leaves you relying on these treatments for relief, which is not a good pattern to fall into.


If you are looking to not only decrease your pain for good, but get back to exercise, playing with your kids or grandkids, or just being able to move around with ease, then active treatment is what you need to do and seek out. Here at Geromove, our expertise is combining passive, hands-on therapy, and active treatment to get the results you are looking for.


Active treatment includes things like specific therapeutic exercise and stretching, and a lot of times this is incorporated into your day for long term change of your pain or injury. 


So when you are thinking about what to do about your pain or injury, consider this: passive treatments have a place and can help you feel better in the moment, but do not have lasting long term effects if you are neglecting to utilize active treatment as well. 


Taking an active approach and incorporating activity and exercise in your treatment plan will set on the right path to recovery and make long term changes. 


Here at Geromove, we utilize a special combination of passive and active treatment individualized for your needs to get you back to doing what you love. 


Interested in setting up an appointment with a qualified physical therapist in downtown Milwaukee? Contact us here. 




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