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How to Fit a School Backpack

It's that time of year where the backpacks come on and start getting heavier and heavier as the homework piles on. A backpack is a safe and convenient way to carry a heavier load but a properly fit backpack can make carrying those loads much easier and more comfortable. Read on to learn tips about how to help your child properly fit their backpack.


1. Encourage the use of both straps. 



Using both straps helps to evenly distribute weight across the body. Selecting a backpack that has wide and cushioned straps will also help to distribute the weight with comfort. 


2. Pack appropriately. 


For younger kids, the gold standard is that the backpack should not weigh more than 15% of their body weight. Sometimes this isn't possible and in those cases it can be helpful to use a rolling backpack if its commonly very heavy. 


A backpack with multiple compartments is great to evenly distribute weight throughout the backpack. A general rule of thumb is to pack the heavier books and items closer to the back of the backpack, towards the wearer's back. 


3. Strap in! 


The bottom of the backpack should not fall below the waist and hip level. Tightening up the shoulder straps can help maintain proper positioning, as well as using a chest or waist strap if its a available to further secure the backpack. 


4. Padding.


Choose a high quality backpack that has supportive padding at the shoulder straps and back. Some backpacks even have more sophisticated padding with lumbar support. Have your child try it on before purchasing to see if it feels comfortable. 



Does your child complain of back pain or struggle to carry their backpack? Reach out to us here to schedule a free consultation for your child in downtown Milwaukee. 

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