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My knees crack, is it okay to exercise?

All joints, including our knees, can crack, pop, make noises, and do all sorts of weird things sometimes. If your knees make noises or are painful, it can definitely be worrisome and you may wonder if it is safe to exercise or do things that make them crack and pop. 


Most of the time, people tend to want to rest and not push themselves for fear of increasing their pain or discomfort when in reality, exercise is actually really great for your knees and can help decrease your pain or keep it from coming on in the first place.


Just like we get gray hair as we age, our joints have age-related changes as well. Sometimes this leads to noisier joints than when we were younger but there is no evidence that you should restrict your movement or stay away from exercise. 


If your knees make noises AND are painful, exercise is the gold-standard and first line of treatment. Exercise will help improve your strength to improve the muscular support of your joints, improve your range of motion available at the joint, and will make doing difficult tasks a lot easier. 


Watch the video for a couple exercises to try for your knee pain: 




Just remember that our knees love exercise and will feel the best when there are strong muscles to support and control the movement at this joint. Give these exercises a try and let us know how they feel.


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