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Geromove is Downtown Milwaukee's go-to physical therapy destination

Saving Time for Employees

Saving Dollars for Employers

If you or your colleagues have been injured at work...


Employees save time and money with workplace health programs by:

  1. Identifying workplace injury risk factors.

  2. Increasing speed of return to work by > 60%.

  3. Decreasing work injury rates and reducing claims by > 50%.

  4. Improving overall workforce engagement, health, and productivity.


If you manage or coordinate for worker's compensation, injury risk management, or human resources and benefits...

Workplace Injury Prevention & Health Promotion Brings:

  1. Decreased work injury claims.

  2. Contained cost per work injury case.

  3. 4-6x ROI from a workplace health program.

  4. Decrease financial burden on overall employer healthcare costs.

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"I hurt my wrist at work after doing repetitive heavy pushing. I was able to schedule an appointment at Geromove very quickly and they worked directly with my employer and worker's comp making the process very easy. I was able to return to work in no time and learned about what I can do moving forward to prevent another injury and pain in the future at my job." 

- Hannah S. 

"Geromove has provided us with workplace wellness presentations which have been highly effective in our office. We have changed our desk set-up based on their recommendations and implemented an exercise program that the employees love and have seen great results!"

- Anonymous